With Halloween over, the holidays are just around the corner. Dr. James Lesinksi and the rest of us here at Complete Health Dentistry of West New York would like to offer you a few tips on ways to protect your teeth while you enjoy the holidays and all the delicious meals that come with them.

Watch How Much You Indulge in Treats

The holidays are a time to enjoy dishes, meals, snacks and treats usually made only once a year. Before you stuff yourself full of sweets, pastries and candies, be sure you think about how overindulgence might lead to cavities and impact your oral health. Not only can holiday eating pack on the pounds, the acids in certain drinks and foods can eat away at your teeth.

Refrain From Using Your Teeth to Open Packages and Bottles

While it’s easy to resort to using your teeth to open gifts, packages and bottles, it’s best that you take a few moments to find a pair of scissors or a bottle opener. The reason for this is using your teeth can lead to cracking, which can lead to an unnecessary dental procedure later on. Save yourself the trouble and the money by using the right equipment.

Visit Your Dentist

As you’re planning your visits to family and friends, don’t forget to pay your dentist in Amherst, NY, a visit this holiday season as well. We know how easy it can be to put off such appointments, but your smile and your oral health will be much better for it if you don’t.  

Keep Up With Your Oral Routine

When you’re away from home, it’s easy to fall out of your normal habits. Do your best to stick to your normal brushing, flossing and rinsing schedule no matter where the holidays take you.

For more suggestions on keeping your smile as white as snow, get in touch with us here at Complete Health Dentistry of West New York.