Many patients are aware of the improvements that dental implants offer over other alternatives, and they are often also aware of the costs associated with implants, which are notorious for having a very wide range of price tags. As a result, sometimes patients are a little reluctant to talk about implants as their preferred option. The reality is, though, that when you consider how long-lived they are and how little maintenance needs to be done to keep them looking great, implants can often be the least expensive choice for patients needing long-term tooth replacement options.  

How Implants Lead to Savings  

Since you can count on having dental implants in place for three or even four times longer than bridge work before adjustment or replacement, it stands to reason that implants are actually a lower cost solution—even if it does not look that way at first. When you look at the results, too, that is often the case.  

·         Implants have titanium anchors that attach to the jawbone, so they do not come loose.
·         They have excellent porcelain finishes that appear natural and bright, just like top-quality bridge work and crowns.
·         Even if the replacement tooth is damaged, it can often be taken care of without affecting the anchors.  

The result is more long lasting dental work that also looks great. In fact, since the anchors that root your implants in place are designed to be permanent, the results are often more satisfactory to the patient than other options tend to be.  

Implants and Insurance  

Another reason why some patients choose to look at options other than dental implants is because of their insurance coverage. While it is true that a few years ago many plans did cover as much of the procedure with implants as with other choices, the landscape has been changing. Now, insurance companies are starting to recognize the difference is can make for patients when those patients can have more options available to them.

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