When you are a new parent, there is a lot to learn. Finding a dentist who can offer sound instruction and excellent treatment for you and your family is an important factor in protecting little smiles. When you want to know about teething, thumb sucking, or how to avoid a cavity in Amherst, NY, our dentist of pediatric dentistry has an answer for you.

Frequently Asked Questions in Pediatric Care

When should I take my child for his or her first dental visit? A good rule of thumb is to schedule a visit on the first birthday or when a tooth appears, whichever comes first.

Are baby teeth important? Primary teeth (baby teeth) provide a path for the eruption of permanent teeth and are also critical to learning to chew and speak.

What should I clean the baby’s teeth with? A small, soft bristle toothbrush can be used to remove plaque and bacteria from your child’s teeth. As soon as teeth erupt, you can begin brushing with a tiny bit of toothpaste, twice per day.

Should I be worried about thumb sucking? Typically, a child will stop this habit within the first three years and it will have little effect on their oral health. This is, however, not true in every case. Talk to your dentist if you are concerned.

Do x-rays present a danger to my child’s health? Your dentist will take the precautions necessary to limit exposure to radiation. In our office, for example, Dr. Lesinski utilizes digital x-rays to reduce exposure to radiation, expedite the process, and make it more comfortable for patients of all ages.

How can I protect my child’s teeth with pediatric dentistry? Other than guiding them in proper hygiene practices, you may consider fluoride supplements, dental sealants, or mouth guards for active children who are at greater risk of sports injury.

What are dental sealants? Sealants are a liquid that is poured onto the chewing surfaces of the teeth. They effectively cover and protect the teeth, helping to prevent them from getting a cavity in Amherst, NY.

If you are looking for a new dentist for your child, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lesinski. He is a family dentist who can treat you and your children, giving you peace of mind that your child will get the same high quality care that you receive.