Summer is always an excellent opportunity to spend more quality time with your children, making memories and also planting the seeds for a healthy, happy life. When school is out, you can have greater control over your child’s nutrition and oral care. When classes begin again, it is important to make sure your children do not slip on their good habits and continue to protect their smiles from cavities in Amherst, NY.

Enforce the “2 brush” minimum: Brushing twice daily is the least your children can do to remove the plaque and bacteria that are continually building up on their teeth. Be sure to allow them enough time to brush teeth before they leave for school in the morning—and two minutes is all it takes. Most electronic toothbrushes have a timer but you can buy a cheap kitchen timer, too. Flossingonce per day is also recommended.

Pack a healthy lunch: Sugary drinks, sticky foods and candies are bad for your child’s oral health, especially when they will probably not be brushing or flossing after lunch. Healthy foods like fresh fruit, raw veggies, and unsweetened beverages will help guard against cavities.

Protect little smiles against injury: After-school sports present a wonderful chance to learn about teamwork and develop coordination, but unfortunately, there is some risk involved. Injury can be the result of anything from a stray baseball to an awkward elbow but you have the option to prevent a loose or knocked out tooth. Dr. James Lesinski recommends mouth guards, which may be purchased in drugstores or sporting goods stores. Custom mouth guards are also available through your dentist. They cost a bit more, but fit perfectly.

Healthy smiles begin and end with healthy habits. To protect your child’s oral health against cavities in Amherst, NY, follow these simple tips and schedule a twice-yearly exam with Dr. Lesinski. We offer fun, experienced pediatric dentistry. Call now to make an appointment.