National Relaxation Day is coming up on August 15. It is the day each year that is set aside to remind people how important it is to take care of themselves, specifically by relaxing so that they don’t over-stress. It’s easy to see how people can stress out so quickly these days, though. Any number of stressers from work to health to problems in one’s local community can make it difficult to take care of oneself. Luckily, one thing you do not need to stress out about is your dental implant procedure.  
Understanding the Implant Procedure  
Dental implants are not experimental or new, they are a well-understood technology that your dentist uses as a permanent alternative to bridge work for patients who wish to explore it. While the implants are permanent and do need to be anchored to the jawbone, the procedure is commonplace, and it does not even involve being put under anesthesia. In fact, nearly all of the implant procedures done at our office are done with local anesthetic. Here’s how it works:  
 ·         Placement is mapped out with the aid of computer imaging devices.
 ·         The procedure occurs as an outpatient operation with local anesthetic only.
 ·         Recovery involves little discomfort and is comparable to recovery times for many other dental procedures.  
 Learning More About Your Dental Implants  
If you have any questions about implants, including specific questions about your procedure and its particulars, the best thing to do is to talk to the doctor. If you are unsure whether or not to go for implants, Dr. Lesinski can also help you to understand the costs and benefits of different approaches to replacing missing teeth. All you need to do is make contact us today to get your questions answered. The dentist’s office associates are standing by to help via phone or email whenever you are ready to make the call.