Chronic tooth pain is never a good sign. How long have you been suffering with a toothache? It could be a red flag that something bad is happening below the surface. In fact, if you have noticed that your painful tooth is showing signs if discoloration, schedule an appointment with your dentist. You may need root canal therapy, a simple way we can eliminate your tooth pain in Amherst, NY, and save your tooth!

Why does my tooth hurt?
Tooth pain can happen for a lot of reasons, but the main one is because an infection is present. The infection may be due to severe decay that causes inflammation and infection of the tooth pulp. This can lead to a discoloration of the tooth, sharp pains when biting or chewing, or a lingering pain. Though certain medication can mask the pain, without proper treatment of acute infection, the tooth will die.  

What happens during root canal therapy?
Though root canal therapy holds many negative connotations, the modern-day procedure is simple and effective, completed under local anesthesia and aimed at eliminating tooth pain altogether. The top of the tooth crown is opened to access the pulp chamber in the tooth root. We use special dental tools to clean and reshape the chambers, then thoroughly disinfect the area. The empty space is filled with gutta-percha, a biocompatible material to add structure, and sealed. Finally, we cap the tooth with a strong dental crown that restores both the function and aesthetics.    

What are the benefits of treatment?
Nobody wants to lose a tooth. But living with chronic tooth pain greatly increases your risk of this happening. Timely root canal therapy not only saves your tooth, but restores its function and completely rids your tooth of all pain caused by infection. Treating an infection also halts further spread of it into other areas of the mouth and the bloodstream. With root canal therapy, you no longer have to live in constant pain and can bite and chew with ease once again!  

If you have chronic tooth pain in Amherst, NY, it may be time to schedule a consultation with us about root canal therapy. We can help save your tooth with timely treatment!