With October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you might be focused on scheduling a medical checkup. Don’t forget to schedule a dental visit because there is link between poor oral health and the prevalence of systemic diseases. If you are searching for a general dentist in Amherst, NY, look no further than Complete Health Dentistry. We want to do our part to spread the news that good oral hygiene habits contribute to oral and overall health and well being.  

Establishing Good Oral Health  

A commitment to becoming a healthier, more confident you begins with a regular oral health and hygiene routine. In addition to regular dental visits, this habit encourages the development of strong gums and teeth and enhances your overall health. It's easy when you understand the basic routines that support excellent dental hygiene. We can get you started with fundamental dental education and knowledge of the steps that lead to long-term oral health.  

Benefits of Oral Hygiene  

Daily cleaning of your gums, tongue, and teeth coupled with checkups from our dentist help eliminate harmful bacteria that decay teeth, lead to bleeding gums, and cause oral infections. It helps reduce embarrassing or uncomfortable conditions, such as tartar, bad breath, plaque and reduces the necessity to treat dental problems that could otherwise be prevented. Other benefits include:  

 ·         Reducing the prevalence of cavities and tooth loss
 ·         Promoting self-confidence and esteem
 ·         Boosting overall long-term health  

Oral health results in feeling good, looking great, avoiding unnecessary bills, and experiencing an improvement in many of your day-to-day social interactions.  

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A healthy, beautiful smile can keep you well from the inside out. Dr. James Lesinski and our experts at Complete Health Dentistry can evaluate your oral health to help ensure that you are doing everything possible to promote your overall health and wellbeing. Contact us today at (716) 650-4003 to schedule an appointment. We are here to help!