You could be forgiven for never having wondered about the history of dental implants, but ask a general dentist about it, and you would wind up learning a lot on a fascinating topic. Whether you are about to receive dental implants in Amherst, NY, or will receive another type of dental care, it never hurts to know a few facts that serve as icebreakers for parties or potential answers if you go on Jeopardy. Here’s a look at dental implants, then and now.  

In 2500 BC, the Egyptians stabilized their teeth with gold wire ligatures, as the evidence from their mummies shows. Thousands of years later, the Phoenicians also used gold wire to splint teeth. Meanwhile, the Etruscans pulled out damaged teeth and inserted oxen bones in their place.  

The Mayans were way ahead of the curve, as a discovery in 1931 shows. On a dig in Honduras, the jawbone of a woman probably in her 20s was discovered. Lo and behold, her mandible revealed three seashells in the place of teeth. Bone growth around the seashells proved that they were implanted while she was alive. In other words, the Mayans accomplished successful fusion! The Mayans weren't alone in experimenting with dental implants either. Skeletons in places such as the Middle East show ivory implants, and the jawbone of a Roman soldier shows iron.  

Per-Ingvar Brånemark, a Swedish surgeon, discovered that bone tissue could fuse to metal titanium, a find that eventually led to commercial implants hitting the market in 1978.  

Dental implants as we know them are relatively new, only a few decades old. However, they have proven immensely helpful and successful.  

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