If you are about to get a root canal in Amherst, NY, you probably want to know more about the procedure. In some good news, patients find their root canals no more painful than a regular filling. Here’s the lowdown on root canals.  

Do You Suspect You Need a Root Canal?  

When you experience tooth pain, it is possible that you need a root canal. For example, discolored teeth, tooth sensitivity, recurring pimples on the gum and pain when you apply pressure to a tooth are all indicative that you could need a root canal. You should see a family dentist, general dentist or endodontist as soon as possible, and for sure if the pain is so immense that it interferes with your sleep.  

Purpose of Root Canals  

In a nutshell, the goal of a root canal is to stop tooth decay. It prevents issues such as bone loss, tooth loss and abscesses of the tooth that are likely to occur if a problem goes on untreated. During a root canal, infections and root canal material are excised.  

What Causes the Damage?  

The causes of your tooth pain can vary, but common causes include facial trauma such as a punch to the cheek, and outsized cavities. Other causes include repeated grinding or clenching of the teeth, or tooth chips and cracks. If one of your teeth has been subject to repeated procedures, it is also possible for infection to occur.  

Reputation, Be Gone!  

 It is true that root canals are portrayed in mediums such as TV as immensely painful. However, the large majority of patients say that they are about as painful as a regular filling. In addition, dentists use numbing agents, sedation or gas to minimize pain, and some further distract their patients by encouraging them to watch a movie or listen to an audiobook or music during the root canal.  

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