Are you a good candidate for sedation dentistry in Buffalo, NY? Every patient is different and while your procedure alone might not call for sedation, it can be beneficial to your and your dentist to pursue sedation dentistry options.  

Levels of Sedation  

 First, what are the available levels of sedation in dentistry?  

·         Local Numbing: A local anesthetic is used to numb only the treatment area. You remain completely conscious.

 ·         Conscious and Relaxed: Patients may feel drowsy and relaxed during the procedure. Local anesthetic may also be used depending on the procedure.

·         Conscious Without Memory: If you wish, you’ll be given a sedative to relax you and while you’ll remain conscious through the procedure, you will not remember the process.

 ·         Unconscious: In this level, you will be given a sedative before the procedure. You’ll be unconscious throughout the procedure and wake up with no memory of the event.  

Who Should Consider Sedation Dentistry?  

Your dentist may recommend sedation if you have any of the following:  

 ·         Severe anxiety (specifically related to dental procedures)

 ·         Strong gag reflex

 ·         Difficulty remaining still for long periods

 ·         Jaw soreness

 ·         Resistance to the numbing effects of local anesthetics

·         Low movement control

 ·         Prior traumatic dental occurrence  

 Depending on which of the above you identify with, your dental professional will make a recommendation that is right for your procedure.  

Who Should Not Consider Sedation Dentistry?  

Patients with any of the following are generally disqualified from sedation dentistry:  

 ·         Heart condition

 ·         Negative reaction to sedatives

 ·         Taking certain medications

 ·         Medical allergy

 ·         Respiratory condition  

These conditions can interfere with the anesthetic either rendering it useless or causing avoidable procedural issues.  

Do you have any more questions about sedation dentistry? Ask Dr. Lesinski at your next check up or follow up appointment about your sedation dentistry options. Explain any of your dental concerns and ask about the best course of action. Schedule your appointment with a quick call to 844.629.3099.