Invisalign® was the first real alternative to traditional braces. While there were different colors and materials offered for brackets, the system was still based upon visible brackets and wires pulling your teeth into alignment. The soft, clear plastic of Invisalign was a game changer. Anyone could wear these clear braces without feeling self-conscious. Not long after, ClearCorrect entered the market as an alternative to Invisalign, providing those with crooked, crowded teeth another opportunity for clear braces in Amherst, NY.


How Clear Braces Work

Invisalign and ClearCorrect are similar in many ways. These clear braces actually have many more similarities than differences.

  • Each consists of soft, clear plastic aligners that bring your bite into alignment.
  • Clear braces are “invisible” and will go mostly unnoticed by others.
  • Custom aligners are replaced every two to four weeks, with each one getting you closer to your goal.
  • Each treat the same basic conditions, including crowding, crookedness, wide gaps, and over bites, just to name a few.
  • These clear braces are removable, allowing you to enjoy your food and properly clean your teeth after.
  • Aligners are meant to be worn most of the day and night.
  • Treatment times are roughly the same with both clear braces and will depend upon the extent of your misalignment.

The Differences between Invisalign and ClearCorrect

  • ClearCorrect is an American-made product. All of their clear braces are manufactured in the United States while Invisalign operates manufacturing sites around the globe.
  • Invisalign was the first to provide clear braces, nearly ten years before ClearCorrect.
  • ClearCorrect is reportedly less expensive, while still offering a similar product and service.

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