At the start of each New Year, we consider what we would like to improve. Resolutions often center on appearance or self-esteem, which makes a smile makeover an excellent New Year’s goal. A beautiful, healthy smile can both improve the way you look and boost your confidence. With a little help from a cosmetic dentist in Amherst, NY, you can have the smile of your dreams.

Treatments for Your Smile Makeover

Bonding: Minor defects in tooth shape, including chips and cracks, can be repaired with a tooth colored bonding agent. Your dentist will apply the resin in layers, which strengthens the tooth structure, and is virtually undetectable as it is tinted to match your tooth color.

Crowns: Severely decayed, cracked, or broken teeth can be covered with crowns. Your dentist can create a custom crown, designed to match the surrounding teeth in shape and color and permanently bond it over your natural tooth structure.

Teeth Whitening: Your dentist can deliver transformative results in as little as an hour. In-office whitening allows you to brighten your teeth by several shades in a single visit. If you prefer a gradual change, your dentist can provide you with a comfortable custom bleaching tray and professional strength teeth whitening gel for safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Veneers: Made of thin porcelain, veneers are shells that cover your tooth surface. Once bonded in place, veneers can change the size, shape, and color of your teeth. Your dentist can transform your smile with veneers in less than three weeks.

Orthodontic Treatment: From traditional metal braces to clear braces, like Invisalign, it has never been easier to get a straight, even smile. Your dentist can correct crowding and gaps, crooked teeth, and a misaligned bite. Straighter teeth are not just more attractive, they are easier to maintain.

Resolve to give yourself the smile you have always wanted. Call our office to schedule a consultation for a smile makeover with our skilled dentist in Amherst, NY. Dr. James Lesinski offers a full complement of cosmetic dentistry services, including convenient veneers and lasting teeth whitening.