Whitening procedures are the single most commonly pursued cosmetic procedure dentists see requested. In fact, teeth whitening is in such high demand that an entire over the counter market exists to sell products that are supposed to deliver those benefits at home at a fraction of the cost. While whitening toothpaste and mouthwash might support a professionally whitened smile, the results you will see if using them on their own are minimal, because you really do need a full treatment. Many patients think about using an at-home kit, but there are some excellent reasons why you should think again before trying any dental procedure at home.

Benefits of Professional Cosmetic Dentistry

While most over-the-counter products are entirely safe to use, you can never tell when attempting a new process like whitening what your reaction will be. If you have never had whitened teeth before, pain or sensitivity can surprise you, and knowing how to safely stop the process and address those issues means doing a lot of advance research. Most patients don’t even realize there are potential side effects, and they are rare, but when you have your teeth professionally whitened, you have the benefit of a professional’s experience to mitigate any possible side effects.

• Cosmetic whitening is stronger than over the counter solutions
• It can be incorporated into your regular dental care
• Combining whitening and other cosmetic procedures is easy
• Longer lasting
• More consistent results with each treatment

Talk to Us About Your Aesthetic Goals

You know what else you get when you work with a professional to whiten your teeth? You get information about other cosmetic procedures you might want to consider. If you are already making the investment to improve your smile, you owe it to yourself to get the most out of the process and to integrate it with your dental care, so it becomes part of your overall plan for wellness. Contact us to make an appointment if you want to learn more.