When you have a dental emergency, like tooth pain or a broken tooth, you should have a good idea of how it should be handled. Waiting too long to see the dentist could leave you facing more extensive dental work, like a root canal or extraction. Dr. James Lesinski outlines some of the issues that constitute a dental emergency at his Amherst, NY, practice.

5 Most Common Dental Emergencies

  1. Tooth Pain: Toothaches are never normal. Your teeth will only hurt if there is something wrong. Whether it is decay or infection, you should see our dentist immediately. While it may not seem like a dental emergency, it is. The situation will only get worse.
  2. Injury: Both adults and children can suffer from trauma to the mouth and teeth. Car accidents and sports injuries are the two main culprits. Damage from an accident of any kind should be checked out right away. If a tooth has been knocked out of its socket, it is possible to reinsert it, providing you get to our dentist within a half hour. Teeth should be transported in milk or tucked into the cheek. Never clean a tooth, brush it off, or rinse it in water; you could damage the nerves.
  3. Abscess: An abscess is like a cyst that forms around an infected tooth. It is filled with pus and can be swollen and painful. Never ignore an abscess.
  4. Broken Teeth:  Broken or chipped teeth are considered a dental emergency. You may experience pain or sensitivity. Beyond appearance, it is important to restore the integrity of the tooth’s structure to preserve your ability to chew and speak properly.
  5. Wisdom Teeth: Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a great deal of tooth pain. The gum tissue can become inflamed, red, and tender. The risk of infection is high with these third molars, which is why it is considered a dental emergency.

Do you have a dental emergency in Amherst, NY? Contact our office to visit Dr. James Lesinski. We make every effort to fit our urgent care patients into our schedule as soon as possible.